CRH BotNet Documentation


Jerry Wang


April 2019

This package is developed for classroom purpose for Autonomous Robotics (CS570HO) class at Choate Rosemary Hall. It is intended to simulate an Arduino environment while enabling robots communicating with each other via the Internet (or the LAN).


You can install the package by simply using your favorite package manager, pip.

Supports Python3.7+

python3.7 -m pip install crh-botnet

or from source

git clone
cd crh-botnet
python3.7 install

Running The Server

You can run the server by

python3.7 -m crh_botnet.server

You can also change the port and/or the address you are listening to

python3.7 -m crh_botnet.server -h -p 8000

The default host is and the default port is 5003.